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Not all symptoms mentioned below are observed in all women. The number and severity of symptoms vary from one person to the other. Physical Symptoms: Tension headaches and crying are the most prominent symptoms of stress observed in women. The frequency and duration of headaches vary from person to person. Apart from headaches, other symptoms like backache or stomach cramps are also observed. Another major symptom is insomnia, i.e. lack of sleep. If a woman suffers from excess stress, she is not able to sleep properly at night.Brick muscle review This can even occur for several nights together which consequently results in severe headache and irritability. Women may also suffer from irregular monthly cycle, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, migraine, hair loss, skin diseases, etc., due to stress. Other stress symptoms in women are diarrhea, tightness in chest, difficulty in breathing and loss of sexual interest. Sometimes, these symptoms have a deeper outcome on a woman's health and mind.
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